Marriage Issues

Front and Center

With all the talk about marriage, it is interesting how the public perception is terribly skewed to the secular and relativistic presentation. For the record, yes, I am staunchly committed to defending Marriage as a sacrament that can only exist between one man and one woman. By making this statement publicly, the ad hominem attacks begin. Rather than open a dialogue and respond to the position taken, including the scholarship that supports it, attacks on the person are the norm. But even after the attacks on the person, the basis for the position remain. For once, can we stop focussing on the credibility of the individual and address what the individual is actually saying?

Since the beginning of time, God is the One Who made Marriage what it is. The Meaning of Marriage, that is, what Marriage IS, has to be understood before any discussion to change how marriage is lived out in the world. In our relativistic culture in which Prometheus has become the god of choice, many today do not want to have an honest discussion about Marriage or even attempt to understand what it is. Instead, they would simply prefer to defy THE God. The reality that is Marriage and being defended by the Church is much greater than the current debates on same-sex marriage. And, from what I can tell, no one seems to be willing to talk about the whole reality.

As the public debates continue to unfold, it is distressing how many Catholics support the legal changes being proposed. Sadly, those same Catholics who support same-sex marriage (or any of the other attacks on Marriage) are unable to elucidate the Church’s Teaching in this area. The Church is not opposing an aspect of equality or rights but is defending a primordial reality established by God. As such, what IS Marriage cannot be changed by Man willing it.

If you have not read it, here is why I am staunchly committed to defending Marriage -- The Meaning of Marriage and the Contemporary Problem.

Faithful to God and the Church

And That is a Good Thing

It is interesting how many today, especially those in the media, find fault with those who are faithful to the Church and Her Tradition. As the conclave continues, there are many articles written about who the media wants for a new pope with no thought given to the Church and Her Tradition. Any candidate who is considered “conservative” or faithful to the Church is often demonized or the subject of an ad hominem attack.

What is most curious, however, is that no one in the secular media ever provides an honest account of the Teaching and legitimate refutation of the Teaching. Instead, they simply call for changes that will result in the Church eventually matching the secular consensus and will finally get the Church to jump on the bandwagon of relativism. Quite possibly, the reason they have to attack an individual or the character of the institution is because if they were to understand the Teaching and the fullness of our Tradition, they might find it to be legitimate and rational. In an era in which there are no objective standards and morality is on the decline, it is good to be faithful to God and the Church.

Please continue to pray for our cardinals as they continue to discern God’s choice for the successor to St. Peter.