Catholic Convenience


It seems the remnant Catholics have come to expect schedules of convenience. Years ago, there were plenty of priests available to say Mass and hear Confessions. For the most part, parish schedules reflected that number. Going to Mass in the local Catholic Church was convenient as there were plenty of Masses scheduled each Sunday from which to choose.

Today, the number of priests continue to dwindle yet many expect the Sacramental schedules to remain the same. Has anyone noticed how empty the seminary is? In the Diocese of Rockville Centre, there are 1.5 million Catholics, 134 parishes, and currently only 12 seminarians. In a few short years, even our densely populated areas may have one “homegrown” priest serving two or three parishes. In addition, as the population continues to change, many who were born in this country may have to attend Mass in another language or accept having priests say Mass who are not native English speakers. This is simply the reality we currently face.