A Roadmap

To Recovery of Values

Anyone who looks around today and observes closely enough will be able to discern the deterioration of true values in our society. The sources of this deterioration are many but there is one that stands at the center -- the dismantling of the family through the consistent attacks on Marriage. What makes a discussion difficult in this regard is that relativists have created doubt with regard to what is meant by values. As far back as Greek Philosophy there was a distinction between intrinsic and instrumental value of things. A correct determination of Good or Value requires an understanding of intrinsic value, that is, something that is good in itself. To make a correct determination in this regard requires a proper understanding of metaphysics and the natural law, both of which have been rejected by many today.

Unfortunately, secular humanists like John Dewey effectively eliminated a proper understanding of intrinsic value and instead pushed for values based only on the ends in view, that is, the immediate ends. In this model, if a desired immediate end is achieved, it is said to be good. Such would lead him to claim that we can construct the good for ourselves rather than conform ourselves to what is Good. The effects of this approach are clear throughout the 20th century in which the proper understanding of family was dismantled. Instead of understanding what the family is and calling all families to "become what they are," social engineers began a campaign to develop an appreciation for "alternative families."

In all of the public discussions today on specific moral issues, the roadmap to renewed wholeness goes through the family. At the heart of this roadmap is Marriage. This theme was developed throughout the pontificate of Pope John Paul II and, even to this day, much of his wisdom remains relatively unknown, even by many Catholics. Without an infusion of this wisdom into the discussion, any attempt to recover lasting values and avoid further deterioration will be futile. In this regard, the axiom still applies, "as goes the family so goes the society." But in the discussion today we need to take this axiom more to heart -- "as goes marriage so goes society." To redefine marriage means we must redefine the nature of the family, which means we implicitly redefine society itself. To put such realities into a relativistic tailspin will continue to be detrimental to the good of society.

For anyone who cares about faith, society, religion, salvation, the family, and the like, defend Marriage as reality that can only be between a man and woman and work to protect the traditional nuclear family.