Paying Attention

What Surrounds Us

People today live their life in the simplest manner and tend to choose the path of least resistance. Generally speaking, most modern people do not stop and ponder the meaning of things or even attempt to understand things beyond themselves. In ages past, culture had depth and relevance in a person's life. The culture usually challenged an individual to a higher excellence through a deep introspection of the self. Yet today when we have more at our finger tips than ever before, most people do not take the time to understand what has just happened to them.

As Matthew Kelly summed up well, "Today, there is little philosophical rigor in our culture. The way we consume information leads us to think less and less about more and more. We spend much of our time fixated on secondary questions (usually related to controversial and sensational issues) and very little time exploring the primary questions about our brief stay on earth."

The secularist does not want anyone to spend time in real thought or even be able to focus on what happens in the world at any given time. The secularist only wants the facts. And after the facts, some may draw a variety of conclusions but will go no further in attempting relate the findings to the Truth.

Thus, if the Resurrection of Jesus happened today, it most likely would be a passing curiosity that would be covered with skepticism. Scientists would come and do an examination and determine that no determination can be made based on their findings. Reports would be filed by the various media with each putting its own "spin" on it. So called experts would debate the possibility of Resurrection and talk shows would survey opinions on its possibility. Comedians would make jokes about those making such claims. The information overload would leave many confused and prone to just simply ignoring it.The great moment of Salvation would get lost in the world around us because nobody really pays attention any more. Most just end up lost in their own thoughts after the information barrage… And in the end they convince everyone that they are immune to such overload and burn out.