Messenger III

The Truth will set you Free...

The Fr. Corapi story continues and, in a surprisingly different approach, his order has released details of its findings. These findings are quite shocking and only go to show how important it is for those who preach the Good News to be immersed in Christ for “the devil is prowling like a lion looking for someone to devour.” We can only hope and pray that he accepts the order’s offer of help and repents of any sins he may have committed. Even in light of these revelations we must all refrain from committing the sin of rash judgment. At this point, we must commend him to almighty God and pray for his superiors.

For anyone who has followed him, we pray that they remain faithful to the message despite the unworthiness of the messenger. In reality, no priest is worthy of the great gift given in the priesthood. Pray for your priests and pray that this revelation be an opportunity for him to seek forgiveness and return to the pursuit of virtue.