Time to Catch Up?

Better Late than Never…

As part of a recent mandate in the United States, yet another piece of civil legislation blurs the lines of morality using “health” language and leaves religious institutions in a vulnerable position. In recent decades, the voice of religious leaders has been slowly minimized on public moral issues, typically claiming certain moral issues as private matters, yet the most recent incursion strikes directly at religious liberty. In this ruling we once again see the meaning of tolerance as proposed by the secularists -- tolerance is a good thing until it is to be given to a religious institution.

It is interesting how some are interpreting the Church’s response to the contraceptive mandate as one in which the Church is attempting to impose morality on others. However, the mandate to cover contraception and abortifacients in all medical coverage is not a matter of the Church telling people what they can or cannot do… it is the government telling the Church what It can and cannot do. Every Catholic should be outraged and take action on this matter. Those in New York State can learn more here about how to send an email to their representative.