Christ Risen!

The Truth Be Told!

Throughout Easter Week, the most solemn liturgical week of the year, the Church keeps proclaiming the Joy Christians have in the Resurrection of Christ. Each day of the week following Easter is a Solemnity in the liturgical calendar. Ironically, particularly after seeing increases in Mass attendance during Lent, the Octave of Easter tends to be a week for people to slow down and many do not come to daily Mass.

It is good to remind ourselves that this week is a week to celebrate Christ Risen! There is no better way to celebrate than through the Eucharistic Banquet. After spending the weeks of Lent, at least symbolically, in sackcloth and ashes, we are encouraged to celebrate the Joy our penance brings about. May the Octave of Easter instill the hope in Resurrection for each one of us so that our Joy may be full.