Just Keep on Slipping

Without Direction, Sin Worsens

I saw a news report flash across the bottom of a screen about a man who works in a fertility clinic and used his own semen in many procedures. The report stated that he has fathered over 600 children, a feat that would make even King David blush. The secular response will be an increase in regulations to prevent this practice from happening again. Yet it is apparent that more civil laws are not the solution.

If one really examine what happens at most fertility clinics he or she will find that it is a place in which sinful methods are multiplied in order to assist couples with infertility issues. As we already know, "sin creates proclivity to sin." Once on the slippery slope, it is inevitable that one would conclude that it is OK to take the sin one step further. A situation like this should not result in more civil regulations but should make modern Man question the road He is on. A return to moral living is demanded but that return will not happen through a multiplication of laws and regulations. It will require a conversion of heart! May the Church continue to call all souls to that conversion…