OK, I Get It

And It Is Still Not Right

I get it. Gay Marriage is a foregone conclusion and is legal in the state of New York. Beyond a shadow of doubt, the national laws of our country will eventually recognize these unions as well. I get it.

However, the civil laws are just that, civil. They are laws devised by human beings that only have one real goal in mind -- to "balance" the scales. At the heart of modern day justice, the apparent goal has become a process in trying to make all things equal, to try to find a balance between the concerned parties. Unlike years gone by when there was a True Wisdom that undergird justice, today there is no consideration of anything that seemingly disturbs the balance. There is no talk of the Nature of things and promoting justice as our rendering to God and neighbor based on the nature of each. And so in our mistaken approach to justice, we now have laws that give recognition to moral evils such as abortion, divorce and remarriage, mandated contraception, and gay marriage.

But a legal position devised by civil authorities does not make it right. Of course, in the minds of many, especially the secularists, the civil law is all that matters. If consensus can be reached, then the scale is balanced. In their minds, there is no such thing as the Natural Law. There is no such thing as the Divine Law. There is no such thing as moral absolutes. Only a teetering scale. The irony is that all the weight in our public moral debates has been placed on one side of the scale and, although it has tipped, it is like The Emperor's New Clothes. Those who want to court the favor of the powerful merely join along and say that there is nothing wrong -- the scale looks fine.

We must keep in mind that the Church remains the haven and guardian of the Truth. In fact, Truth is not part of a balancing act. Truth is not found as the midpoint of differing opinions. Truth is not had by agreeing to disagree. Truth does not come about through a call to tolerance. The Truth IS. And if something IS, then we must conform to it. Truth rises above the dialogue.

When it comes to realities like Marriage, Life, Human Sexuality, etc., we are responsible to the Truth. The reason for religious freedom is because the Truth IS. While Man labors under the weight of His rebel passion and errant desire, the Truth is what sets Him free. The yoke of Sin is a great yoke indeed. Normalizing that yoke does not remove it and only succeeds at increasing its weight around our necks. Always remember that the Church is where Man encounters the Truth with freedom coming through discipline and conformity of the self to the Truth encountered. In the Truth taught by Church is where the yoke is lifted.

For too long the dictator of the world has been trying to get the Church to conform to itself, by eliminating all talk of eternal realities. No heaven! No hell! Just now! Most people are deluded into believing that the Church is a mere human institution that is only responsible to Herself. Because of the Truth and Her responsibility to Almighty God, the Church can never be conformed to the world and worldly ways. It would be better to have a millstone about Her neck and cast into the sea than to deceive anyone by distorting the Truth to the views of the world. Jesus died and rose so that we can cast off the yoke of Sin. But that means we must yoke ourselves to Him, to the Truth.

So, I get it. The laws of the world are changing rapidly. The scales are completely tipped to the secular. Justice is no longer about rendering to God and Man based on what is due according to Their natures. While I get the point, I also realize that a warped view of justice exists. So just because the laws are changing does not mean they are changing for the better. Just because the laws are changing does not mean God is offended any less. To continue to believe the scales are balanced is to believe the emperor really has new clothes. The Church, for Her part, would say it is better to be like the little child and blurt out that the emperor is not wearing anything at all.