Every Now and Then

A Story Comes Along

The local newspaper picked up "an entertainment story" that made me stop and wonder. In just a few short paragraphs they managed to present a situation in which there are simply too many immoral issues to discuss in any reasonable forum as each one is a grand issue in itself. In the article is a lesbian breakup with a custody battle; children "manufactured" via IVF for obvious reasons; a reference to the children as "theirs" with no mention of a father (probably an anonymous sperm donor); children from a previous lesbian relationship that are "hers"; one lesbian claiming the other as an unfit mother - just to name a few. If anyone even ponders the whole thing for a few moments, he or she should be scandalized. And yet most people will read it as a curiosity piece.

This short article should be terribly disturbing for anyone who reads it but it comes across as completely normal and matter of fact. It is present with the tone, "another Hollywood breakup - how sad!" It is bad enough this situation exists but the fact that it is considered newsworthy is even more disturbing. The only reason to make this situation into a national news item is that it supports the secular tactics of social engineering. Because these situations exist, they must be normal. If this is normal then it should be acceptable. If it is acceptable then it should be tolerated. If it is tolerated then it will proliferate. If it proliferates then we can find out more about it. Once we find out more about it then there is further proof that it is normal… and the circle spins from there.

And woe to anyone who criticizes them or tries to challenge them to change their ways. Anathema to anyone who points out that just because it exists does not make it acceptable or tolerable. What really makes it even more ironic is that I read this article shortly after Mass this morning in which Jesus said, "I gave them your word, and the world hated them, because they do not belong to the world any more than I belong to the world. Consecrate them in the Truth." If you say you are a Catholic then make sure you do not belong to the world.